10+ Free Firefox Seo Addons For Developers


Firefox is the only web browser which is loved by both users and developers. The built in functionalities to support designers makes this browser different from others. Even though other browser like Google chrome also have a development environment, Firefox is very friendly than others. With the large number of free addons , we can change Firefox to something more than a web browser.

If you are webdeveloper or blogger using Firefox, I have collected something for you. You can analyze and optimize your blog very quickly with these light weight Firefox addons.

Website SEO Analysis

Website SEO Analysis provides in-depth SEO information about a website relative to over 20 criteria.



SEO – The Link Submitter

SEO – The Link Submitter is a semi-automated link directory submission tool that will save you both time and energy when undertaking Search engine optimization (SEO) and link building activities.



Seoptimer.com – SEO Audit

Seoptimer helps webmasters to optimize their websites and make better on page SEO. This tool gives detailed information about webpage



Majestic SEO Backlink Analyzer

This extension from Majestic SEO gives you a really fast way to see the strength of any page based on its backlink information. Because Majestic crawls the whole web, it does not have to rely on a third party for the data. You can immediately see the Trust Flow™ or Citation Flow™ score for any web page directly on the URL bar and you can see summary information about the number of domains and URLs linking to this page.



SEO & Website Analysis

SEO WooRank is en extension that provides a very deep SEO & Website Analysis report for any given website. When you click on the SEO WooRank AddOn icon, we will generate the SEO report for your website.



SEO Tools – Google PageRank / Alexa Rank

Automatically displays the Google PageRank and the Alexa ranking of each website you visit. Additionally, it provides essential tools for SEO and analysis. Read the full description for details about these tools.



SEO Toolbar by Moz

Access important SEO metrics while you surf the web. This toolbar from Moz lets you see metrics like Domain Authority and Page Authority for every page you visit, analyze links as you browse, expose page elements, and access other SEO tools.



SEO Site Tools, Site Analysis1.2.2

Shows Google PageRank of the current page. More features including IP Geolocation, Domain Whois, SEO Stats, Pages Indexed, Backlinks, Alexa Rank, Social Analysis and many other SEO Tools.



SEO Doctor1.6.5

SEO Doctor is made with both beginners and experienced SEOs in mind and it’s scoring system and recommendations are based on official SEO documents, namely Google Webmaster guidelines, Google Image guidelines and Google SEO starter guide as well as my own experience.



The SEO Engine1.6

Ever wanted to peek inside Google, Yahoo!, or Bing to see why a specific search result ranked the way it did? Now, finding out is as simple as clicking the SEO Engine link below any search result!!



SeoQuake SEO extension

Seoquake is a Mozilla Firefox SEO extension aimed primarily at helping web masters who deal with search engine optimization (SEO) and internet promotion of web sites. Seoquake allows to obtain and investigate many important SEO parameters of the internet project under study on the fly, save them for future work, compare them with the results, obtained for other, competitive, projects.



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  1. This is an excellent article, very nicely written by you. I am using some addons Majestic SEO Backlink Analyzer, SeoQuake SEO extension and SEO Toolbar by Moz. I love them a lot as they are useful for me. Thank you for sharing such a good article.

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