6 jQuery Layouts To Make Contents attractive


A good interface is necessary to attract users and explain your contents quickly. With the wide range jQuery plugins available, you can easily create a stylish layout to attract your visitors. Here is the best wonderful collection of jQuery interfaces and layouts which can be added in to website to customize your contents. Download now to distribute your contents in an awesome layout.

jQuery responsive equal heights plugin

This plugin have added features like row aware, handles floating elements, responsive, automatically updates on window resize (can be throttled for performance), handles mixed paddingmarginborder values (even if every element has them different), handles images and other media (updates automatically after loading), data attributes API and this plugin has repoted it’s fine working in IE8+, Chrome, Firefox, Chrome Android.



Valign-align vertically any HTML element without CSS hacks

Valing is a small jQuery plugin which allows you to align vertically any HTML element without CSS hacks.It adds a margin-top, (em or px units) to the absolute positioned layer which we want to align vertically, depending on his parent’s height.




A jQuery plugin that sets the height of each element in a group to the height of the highest element.It is responsive, so it keeps working when you resize your window.



Zebra Pin -Pin Your Contents With Jquery

Zebra Pin is a lightweight (around 2KB minified) and adaptive (things work as expected when you manually resize the browser window) jQuery plugin for pinning elements to the page or to a container element, so that the element stays visible even if the user scrolls the page. This type of elements are also referred to as “fixed position elements” or “sticky elements”.



Perimeter.js-Trigger Code When The Mouse Gets Near An Element.

A jQuery plugin allows you to trigger code when the mouse gets near an element.



A jQuery plugin for responsive pages to set div to same height

jQuery plugin, for responsive pages, to set tags to same height. Happens during/after browser resize.



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