20+ Stylish Pure Css3 Buttons Download


Pure Css3 Buttons with attractive design, color schemes & hover effects for your next web based project.

Css3 is a revolution in web designing and now a few codes can do everything for which designers used Photoshop and jQuery years ago. Buttons are one of the unavoidable basic elements of a website and when that buttons are designed with Css3, your whole website will look neat and polished. Also with css3, you can reduce the use of images as button background and then your page speed will increase. So, I’ve selected the best and stylish pure css3 buttons from all over the web to share with you.

Hope these things will really impress you. And don’t forget to checkout the other other posts !

Simple Flat CSS3 Buttons

If you are working on flat design then it would be possible that you will be in need of flat css3 buttons. So here is a sime pure Css3 button to download.

flat buttons-designrazor.net


Beautiful Flat Buttons – Free CSS Set

This is a ready-to-use set of buttons – just copy the line for the button and the css code and you will have a great-looking button. The width of the buttons is adjusted to 100%, you can change this to fit your designs.



Kick-Ass Practical CSS3 Button

What once required background images and icons can now be created with plain-old CSS. Because modern browsers have access to things like box shadow, gradients, rounded corners, text-shadows, and font-face, we can finally take advantage of this and remove any need for images, when creating visual elements, such as buttons!



An Awesome Animated Download Button With CSS3

A simple and fun download button using some fancy CSS3. This button have lots of fun goodies including border-radius, box-shadow, linear-gradients, z-index and transitions to achieve a unique double sliding drawer effect on hover.



Multi-line buttons with Compass, Sass, and CSS3

CSS3 makes it possible to achieve this effect without images. And Compass makes it easy to use these advanced CSS3 features in a concise way that works across modern browsers.



Multi Color And Size Css3 Buttons

Some CSS3 Buttons which are available in multi color and size.



Animated CSS3 Buy Now Button

A ‘Buy Now’ button which could be used for an ecommerce store. The button shows that the product is available for purchase and using CSS3 elements it is animated to display the price when the user hovers over it. The button could link to a shopping cart or directly into Paypal for example.

DESIGNRAZOR-NET-buy now button


CSS3 patterned buttons

Nowadays, using subtle patterns is kinda cool so I thought why not using them also on buttons? The idea was to create some nice CSS3 patterned buttons and in this article you’ll see what I’ve been working on lately.



CSS3 Animated Bubble Buttons

With this button pack, you can easily turn any link on your page into an animated button by just assigning a class name. No JavaScript necessary. Four color themes and three sizes are also available by assigning additional class names.



Pure CSS3 Animated Buttons

A pure Css3 animated button that expands on hover to display another contents.



Creative Button Styles Using Css3

This button set consists of some simple, creative and subtle styles and effects to inspire you. The effects can be seen when hovering on some buttons and clicking on others. Mostly, CSS transitions are used but also CSS animations and for some buttons we use a bit of JavaScript to add/remove effect classes.


A Circular Progress Button With Css3 And SVG

The idea behind the button is the following: once clicked, the submit button is transformed into a circle that will show a progress animation using its border. When the progress animation is finished, the button will expand again and show a checkmark to confirm that the submission is complete.



Morphing Buttons Concept

Some inspiration for a morphing button concept where the action element (button) morphs into a component. The examples show different types of components, i.e. fullscreen overlay, modal window, sidebar and more.



Progress Button Styles Using Css3

A set of flat and 3D progress button styles where the button itself serves as a progress indicator. 3D styles are used for showing the progress indication on one side of the button while rotating the button in perspective.



Button Switches With Checkboxes And CSS3 Fanciness

Some realistic-looking switch buttons using pseudo-elements and checkboxes.



CSS Buttons with Pseudo-Elements

Some buttons with a twist, using just one anchor tag per button and the great power of CSS.



Animated Buttons With CSS3

Still hyped by the possibilities of CSS3, I want to share some CSS3 button experiments with you. The idea is to create some animated link elements with different styles, hover effects and active states.



Mega Web Buttons Pack Download

Today we want to share our first set of easy-to-implement buttons called ‘Mega Web Buttons Pack’. In this set you will find 42 buttons which you can use easily on your website.



30 Free CSS3 Buttons Pack

The great thing about these buttons (besides their looks) is they were created with CSS3, the newest iteration of the CSS coding language. This means, any of these buttons are easy to customize.



CSS3 Pictogram Button

This is a set of 43 button with three different styles and six different colors and using entypo pictogram for replacing the images. Go through the post to see the entire sets.



108 Beautiful CSS3 Buttons Pack

Nowadays, we can make buttons nearly without any related graphics. Why? Because we can use CSS3 to create beautiful buttons even though we don’t have the related graphics (Of course some browsers with lower versions may not support these kinds of button effects). This is a pack of 108 beautiful CSS3 buttons, you can free download them and then edit them for your own use, just enjoy!




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