25+ Best Free Jquery Css3 Image Effects


Free jQuery Css3 Image Effects to make your website attractive enough to catch the eye of any user.

In a website, Css is used to arrange and jQuery is used to animate. When these two sets of codes are effectively used, you can add some awesome widgets in your website. Also with jQuery, you can impress your users with different styles and animations.

Here, I’ve collected some best free jQuery css3 image effects which can be added to your website for some great effects. These stylish jQuery image hover effects can simply make your images to be lively and attractive. All these jQuery plugins are unique and easy to customize. So, checkout these creative jQuery Css3 Image hover effects and make your an attraction magnet.

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KoalaZoom jQuery Hover Effect Plugin v1.0

This plugin makes images in an unordered list to zoom in on mouse hover and displays relative information.KoalaZoom was created in just a few hours. I’m planning on adding more effects and options in the next version.



3D Grid Free jQuery CSS Hover Effect

A proof-of-concept effect recreation of the animation seen in a prototype app by Marcus Eckert. The idea is to flip a grid item in 3D, expand it to fullscreen and reveal some associated content. We’ve created two demos with a vertical and a horizontal rotation. This free css3 image hover effect is very easy to customize and implement to your website.



Basic Image Rotate Effect With jQuery

You can rotate your images on hover with attractive transition effects using this free css3 image hover effects widget. This is an final product of a Wilq32.PhotoEffect Snippet (browse blog to get more information). Actually you can use this simple and tiny script to rotate images (any angle) directly on client side (for ex. user generated content), and animate them using own functions.



Jquery And CSS3 Nice Google Plus Photo Stack

If you are using Google Plus then you must have noticed the photo stack effect when you view your own album or someone else album. This is plugin with which you can make Plus like Photo stack. This free jQuery css3 image hover effects plugin is perfect to arrange and animate your photo gallery.



Awesome jQuery Image Swish Zoom Hover Effect

With this jQuery css3 image hover effects plugin you can add a zoom style effect to your images on hover, also you can add an overlay to it (What you tend to see on a lot of themes with lightboxes). You can also adjust all the settings it comes with (refer to usage in the index.html header). It’s really simple to setup, if you get into any trouble with it do let me know and I’ll do my best to help you out.



jQuery Diagonal Rotation With CSS3 Transitions

A plugin with CSS3 effect which can add a stylish effect in your website. Checkout the demo and you’ll realize how creative this free jQuery Css3 image effect plugin is.



jQuery Multiple Image Hover Effects

This is a simple jQuery plugin used to bring stylish image hover effects. Actually this an all in one pack. All the best jQuery Css3 animations are covered by this plugin. Simply add the respective classes to your images and your images will look  better on hover with the stylish animation effects.



jQuery Cool Dynamic Grid Layout Plugin

BlocksIt.js is a jQuery plugin for creating dynamic grid layout. It manages to convert HTML elements into ‘blocks‘ and position them in well-arranged grid layout like Pinterest, one of the hottest website nowadays =). How? Well, simply specific the number of columns you wish to have and BlocksIt.js will do the rest for you. Also, you can even combine the ‘blocks‘ and make a huge block! So, let’s blocks it! This free css3 jquery image hover effects plugin is perfect for creating image galleries for your website.



Image Black And White Switch With jQuery

This plug-in can easily convert any colored image into a B&W greyscale image. This free Css3 image hover effects plugin uses the the HTML5 canvas tag and a fallback for the old browsers.



jQuery and CSS3 Image 3D Flipping Slider effect

The slider will change our portfolio images when it’s flipping, this flipping effect is triggered by user click on the pagination. So when user click a page each of our portfolio images will flipping 360 degree and when its animation near end the image will changed with new image. This free css3 image effects is everything you need showcase your images attractively.



jQuery And CSS3 Image Flyout Slider Effect

This is an experimental flyout image slider. This image slider is a stack of some images and works by flying out the selected image to the front of images stack. We will use CSS3 transition, animation and transform for this animation and jQuery for helping us maintain click event, CSS transition and animation.This image slider doesn’t do slide on displaying image, as I described before it will be flying out the selected image to the front of images stack. So all images will be positioned stacked each other. When user click on of the image, it will be move to the outer left of image stack and move back with rotating effect to the stack and positioned on top of it.



Animated Photo Stack With CSS3 And jQuery

We are going to build an animated photo stack, which will use all kinds of fancy effects to transition between a set of images. The effects are implemented purely using CSS3, which means that they run smoothly on modern browsers and mobile devices. We will also make the photo stack advance automatically, so you can use it as a slideshow.



jQuery, HTML 5 & CSS3 Gallery-least.js

A stylish image gallery plugin using jquery. Download this plugin to add an awesome gallery to your website.



jQuery Images Lazy Load Plugin

A stunning and stylish image lazy load effect plugin This  is very useful and it boosts performance delaying loading of images in long web pages because images outside of viewport (visible part of web page) won’t be loaded until the user scrolls to them.Lazy Load has some cool options such as custom effects, container, events or data attribute. If you’re not gonna use any of them you can reduce the file size by leaving just the essential code to show the images.Use a placeholder image in the src attribute – something to be displayed while the original image loads – and include the actual image source in a “data-src” attribute.


CSS3 And jQuery Better Toggling Of Elements

BetterToggle is a jQuery Css3 image effects plugin for better Toggling of elements.It uses css3 transforms with fallback.



ImgLiquid – A jQuery Plugin To Resize Images To Fit In A Container

A very useful plugin which allows you to fit an image to a container without resizing it. This free jquery css3 image effects plugin can save you a lot of time and can reduce your efforts in optimizing images of your website.



Css And jQuery Images Load Effect

We’ll share some images loading effects for grid items with you using css and jQuery. The idea is to show items in a grid with an animation once they are in the viewport. The possibilities of this free jquery css3 image effects are infinite and we’d like to give you some inspiration.



jQuery Immersive Images Slider Experience

This is  a smooth jump to sub navigational menu ,The Modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari have been tested. Not tested on IE.Jump To let you create a jump to sub navigational menu automatically with 1 line of JS call. The menu can be used to assist your navigation for pages with a lot of content.



Javascript Library Enabling Magnifying Glass Effect With Images

A Javascript library enabling magnifying glass effect on an images. Checkout the demo and you’ll realize how awesome this jQuery css3 image hover effects plugin is.



Mimeo Demo – A jQuery Plugin For Responsive Images

Start serving responsive images with the HTML5 picture tag today. Mimeo leverages the browser’s internal media query matching system, window.matchMedia, to determine the appropriate image source and update accordingly.



Images Parallax Effect With jQuery

JQuery and amd compatible plugin to create a parallax effect with images. The plugin is really simple to use with some options to tweek. It makes use of css3 transform for animation where supported and falls back to top and left positioning for ancient browsers.



Viewing Big Versions Of Images With jQuery Plugin

A jQuery plugin for viewing big versions of images.Clicking image opens next one, clicking left side opens previous, clicking right side closes image.



jQuery And CSS3 Image Replicate Effect

JQuery and CSS3 image filters to replicate the tilt-shift effect. This is a proof of concept and currently only works in Chrome & Safari 6.



Inset Border Effect For Image Or Box With jQuery Plugin

The plugin add position:relative to the element that will receive the border, and append a with position:absolute, this have a border-width effect that not move the content, easing the work of do a inset border effect.



EasyZoom – jQuery Image Zoom Plugin

EasyZoom is an elegant, highly optimised jQuery image zoom and panning plugin based on the original work by Alen Grakalic. EasyZoom supports touch-enabled devices and is easily customisable with CSS.



3D jQuery Tilted Page Scroll plugin

This is a beautilful 3D tilted scrolling effect for your website with jQuery Tilted Page Scroll. With this free css3 jquery image hover effects plugin, you can create a beautiful scrolling effect and turn a simple layout website into something surprising.



Awesome Mosaic Transition Effect With jQuery

This is a mosaic transition effect between two photos using jQuery.



jQuery Crossfading Images As You Scroll Down Page

This is a tiny jQuery plugin for crossfading images as you scroll down a page with  jQuery .



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