30+ Best Free Css3 Jquery Html5 Accordion Tabs


Free Accordion Tabs to arrange your contents in horizontal or vertical tabs which can expanded or collapsed according to users interest.

Accordion tabs helps designers to embed large contents in a small room with the ability to expand and collapse according to users interest. Accordion tabs can keep your website clean by displaying only relevant information hiding unwanted contents under a title. With the evolution of codes, according tabs are also changing their dress and make ups to satisfy modern website concepts.

Here I’ve collected the best free accordion tabs are unique in design and functions. This collection includes vertical, horizontal and animated accordion tabs. These free accordion tabs are all based on css3, jQuery, html5 codes. Also the developers provided essential care to make these accordion tabs responsive. So, browse around to choose one for your website and don’t forget to comment and share this article.

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HTML5 and CSS3 accord effect

Modern accordion plugin which is 100% free to download and use.



Elegant Accordion with jQuery and CSS3

This is an elegant accordion for content. The idea is to have some vertical accordion tabs that slide out when hovering. We will add some CSS3 properties to enhance the looks.



Expanding Image Menu with jQuery

This is an expanding image menu with jQuery. The idea is to have some columns with black and white image slices that will make a content area slide out when we click on them. We will also slide in the colored version of the image, creating a neat effect.



Collective: zAccordion jQuery plugin

A stylish and simple accordion plugin.



Vertical Sliding Accordion with jQuery

A slick and flexible vertical jQuery accordion with you. The main idea is to expand the accordion slices on click and show some more information. The other slices will become less opaque and squeezed. When navigating to the next slice using one navigation arrows, a new slice will slide in from the top or the bottom. Once a slice is open and we navigate, the subsequent slice will open on slide.



Flexible Slide-to-top Accordion

A simple responsive accordion that, when opened, will slide to the top of the viewport and reveal the content by fading it in. The idea is to avoid that the user has to scroll the content area into place. We’ll also add some nice CSS3 transitions for the arrow to appear and to rotate when we click on an item. The accordion will be flexible, meaning that it will have a liquid width adjusting to the screen.



Free Accordion Tabs with CSS3

Using hidden inputs and labels, we will create a CSS-only accordion that will animate the content areas on opening and closing.



Vertical accordion menu using jQuery and CSS3

A vertical accordion using Font Awesome icon fon, CSS3 gradients, transitions, and shadows.



Image Accordion with CSS3

An image accordion that will expand an item on click using css3 only.



Nested Accordion Tabs

A simple, nestable accordion with some examples of nesting levels and a media query.



Accordion Plugin – Responsive Tabs

Responsive Tabs is a lightweight and simple jQuery plugin for responsive tabbed interface that will transform to an accordion on window size change.



Vertical Accordion Nav Menu with jQuery

A simple vertical navigation accordion menu using CSS3 and jQuery techniques. We can build custom styles and format the links to slide down & up on each click. Using this method we can also build sub-menu links, splitting up headers by ID or class names.



Making a Fresh Content Accordion

This free accordion tabs allows you to group content and show it only if the user is interested in what you have to offer and interacts with the page.



Simplest Accordion Menu using jQuery

A simple Accordion Menu using jQuery. Accordion Menu are the menu with some animation effect. It has few top line menu items which when clicked toggles to open sub menu options. When another top level menu is selected, other open menu will automatically collapse and save useful screen area



Create Accordion Menu in Pure CSS3

Website navigation is an important aspect to any functioning layout. Users will often be looking for methods to traverse over your pages, and sometimes this requires a bit of creativity.



Simple Horizontal Accordion Tab

This is pure css html horizontal accordion tabs plugin. No jQuery scripts are used and hence this free accordion tab is very light weight.

free css accordion tabs


Responsive Free Accordion Tabs

This accordion tabs are fully responsive to support devices of all widths.



Super basic accordion

A Simple accordion tab for your next roject. So, simply catch it here.



Multi-level Accordion

A lightweight, powerful, colorful accordion tab. This one is unique from all free css and css3 accordion tabs here.



Simple Free Accordion Tabs

Searching for a free accordion tab for your flat website ? This is it.Simple-Accordion


CSS Responsive Animated Accordion

A responsive flat accordion tab with responsive design.



Multi Level Slide Accordion Menu With jQuery

jQuery accordion menus are menus that act like a musical accordion, with regards to their ability to expand and contract based on user interactions. This helps display additional information for the active menu items, while hiding non-relevant information from the user. Additionally, it can help add more content without sacrificing white space, leading to more usable and attractive user interface design.



Mini Accordion And News Scroll Ticker With jQuery

This widget-esq script is at once both a news ticker and a mini accordion. It takes a config file of data (headlines, image SRCs, URLs etc) and paginates your headlines into folds. It will optionally auto-rotate through these folds, though you can navigate between them with the numeric tabs at the top right. If an item has ‘more info’ data set in the config, then clicking the headline will reveal that data in an accordion fashion.



Akordeon – Free Stylish jQuery Accordion Plugin

Akordeon is a stylish jQuery plugin for adding efficient accordion style menu to a web page. The idea behind Akordeon is to provide a lightweight and customizable interface for collapsible panels that can hold any kind of data in a limited space.



Simple Pure CSS3 accordion

An accordion using nothing but semantic HTML, CSS and some nice progressive CSS3. There are also two versions, a horizontal one and a vertical one.



Simple JQuery Accordion Collapsing menu

This is a simple Accordion collapsing menu done in JQuery. Links with subitems under them will expand the submenu when clicked. Items that don’t have subitems are normal links.. The menu initialises with the first submenu expanded.



Free Pure CSS Horizontal Accordion

A light weight pure css3 horizontal tab with a flat approach in design. Genericons font is used for the social networking icons.



Cool CSS3 and html5 3D Accordion

Accordion menus are very popular since Web 2.0 appeared with new widgets in order to enhance the usability of the sites. The Accordion widget is used to display one page out of multiple sections at a time. It is very useful when the content is very large, but there is a small space to present it. A very good example of an Accordion it is the one provided by jQueryUI, where you can get a good understanding if you are not familiar with the creation of one.



The Slidorion – Free Accordion Menu

A combination of an image slider and an accordion, the Slidorion displays beautiful images along with a variable length description. With slides linked to each tab, and accompanied by a large array of effects, the Slidorion is a great alternative to the traditional jQuery slider.



CSS3 Multiple Accordion Menu

A stylish accordion menu with modern icons. Let your users to swith between tabs in style using this plugin.



Free Simple Sass/jQuery Accordion

This is a stylish vertical jquery accordion plugin. This plugin comes with a flat colorful design and modern effects.




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